Ref NoP91
TitleMusic for Galway
DescriptionThe Music for Galway Archive includes a detailed record of concerts and events produced since the establishment of the group in early 1981. The archive includes records such as programmes, posters, invitations and other production records associated with each individual event. A unique addition is the administrative records of Music for Galway which details minutes of meetings, discussions and decision making of Board members of Music for Galway, financial information and correspondence between Music for Galway Management, Board, other administrative and cultural bodies as well as musicians and performers. These series chart the physical and cultural growth of Music for Galway and is a record of the group, its members, management and musicians. The series of press files details a record of critical reception of their concerts and events, comment and reviews on musicians, interviews with Music for Galway management and members and also provides a photographic record of people, places and events, through the press images, that were organised, featured and were attributed to Music for Galway. The newsletters of Music for Galway, including the founding and first newsletter issued by Music for Galway in 1981, provides an insight into the connection and marketing between Music for Galway, their members and the public. A series of photographs include printed colour and black and white pictorial history of Music for Galway. These include photographs taken by Music for Galway management and members and also by professional photographers and feature headshots and promotional images of musicians, images from concerts staged by Music for Galway as well as from other events that were featured as part of Music for Galway's history. The archive also includes a copy of the booklet produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Music for Galway, held in 2010. This includes interviews and comment from the founding members of Music for Galway as well as from then current members. The archive is an extensively comprehensive and detailed account and record of the actions and history of Music for Galway.
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