Ref NoPOL35/10/317
Alt Ref NoPOL35/317
TitleHandwritten memorandum entitled 'Attention-Morris-Pony'
DescriptionHandwritten memorandum by [Brendan Duddy or 'Pony Man'], entitled 'Attention -Morris- Pony', and giving telefax number. Reporting on June's [Brendan Duddy's] meeting with 'Fred' on 26 October - the government accepted a paragraph in 'the Businessman's Draft', but messenger procedure was changed (given to 'M and M' by 'the Businessman'). Fear of further prevarication, recommending however to be ready for the 10 May position. (Written on reverse of letter-paper of [Israeli organisation/ firm]; handwritten note 'thank him'.)
Date30 October 1993
Extent2 pp
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/13Duddy; Brendan (1936-); Mr.; Intermediary, Pacifist, Businessman, Key figure in Northern Ireland Peace Process1936-
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