Ref NoPOL35/10/334
Alt Ref NoPOL35/334
TitleHolograph letter from 'Robert' ['Fred'] to Brendan [Duddy]
DescriptionHolograph letter from 'Robert' ['Fred'] to Brendan [Duddy]. Regretting the abruptly given news of his departure last week. Hoping the worst is over for Duddy; does not think a disclosure of names likely, although it could happen by accident. Agreeing that they nearly succeeded: 'I will remember that date of 10 May (and) the following 20 days till I die - that's where it all went wrong'. Words of praise for Duddy's courage and determination, cautioning him. (With a caption by [√Čamonn Downey], calling this 'Fred's/Robert's swan song'; suggesting he was sacrificed for leaks to the press in November / December 1993.)
Date24 December 1993
Extent2 items
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/13Duddy; Brendan (1936-); Mr.; Intermediary, Pacifist, Businessman, Key figure in Northern Ireland Peace Process1936-
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