Ref NoPOL35/4/107
Alt Ref NoPOL35/107
TitleReport on Breakdown of the Convention
DescriptionSee also Copy typescript [minutes of meeting of members of the Provisional Republican Movement] addressed from 'S.' to 'L.'. Reporting on the POL35/ 64 breakdown of the Convention ('a magnificent victory') and the general position of the British government which hampers the process the ceasefire is meant to aid. Recommending that the Republican Movement show its dissatisfaction with the delay by not meeting British representatives and giving the impression of an impasse. (Caption by [Éamonn Downey] stating a copy of this is not extant in the Duddy file of such meetings, POL35/ 59, but refers to the Ó Brádaigh papers instead. The item would belong - by content and by medium - to the file, but was found separate and kept as such by Downey.)
Date30 September 1975
Extent2 items
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/13Duddy; Brendan (1936-); Mr.; Intermediary, Pacifist, Businessman, Key figure in Northern Ireland Peace Process1936-
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