Ref NoPOL35/4/62
Alt Ref NoPOL35/62
TitleHardbound diary for 1975
DescriptionHardbound diary for 1975 with handwritten entries by [Brendan Duddy]. Listing mainly his diplomatic efforts mediating between the I.R.A. and the British government, and relevant events, but also with brief business entries under 'Notes' mentioning dates when his premises were bombed and closed down. Entries for most days, but for a fortnight beginning in late June (entry 26 June), reference is made to a 'Black Book' and only a summary is given. Usually detailing results of phone-calls, meetings in Derry, Belfast, London and elsewhere; listing most contacts by name, some by code name (e.g. 'coffee man', 'yellow man', 'pony man'). Including statement (entry 23 July) on his intentions in keeping this diary 'for future students of this period'; resolution (5 January 1976) to go without solid food in sympathy with hunger-striker Frank Stagg and to spur himself on to 'try harder'.Recurring names: Ó Brádaigh, Michael Oatley, Dave O'Connell/ Daithí Ó Conaill, Billy McKee, Fr.Bradley, 'Rob', James Allen, Donald Middleton ('D.M.'), Martin McGuinness, Bishop Daly, Sir Frank Cooper, John Hume, John Walker, Harry Barton. NOTE: Some pages of the diary are restricted - a redacted reprographic copy will be available for consultation. FURTHER NOTE, May 2011: This document will be withheld for a short period and will be reviewed again for opening in 2012.
Date17 January 1975- 15 January 1976
Related MaterialPOL35/ 71, 91, 94, 97
Extentc.108 pp
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/13Duddy; Brendan (1936-); Mr.; Intermediary, Pacifist, Businessman, Key figure in Northern Ireland Peace Process1936-
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