Ref NoPOL35/5/131
Alt Ref NoPOL35/131
TitleSee also Hardbound diary for much of 1976 with handwritten entries by [Brendan Duddy]
DescriptionSee also Hardbound diary for much of 1976 with handwritten entries by [Brendan Duddy]. Listing exclusively his diplomatic efforts POL35/62, mediating between the I.R.A. and the British government, and 535 relevant events. Entries for most days; more gaps July to September. Usually detailing results of phone-calls, meetings in Derry, Belfast, Donegal, by now also including Provisional Army Council meetings; listing most contacts by name, some by code name (e.g. 'coffee man'). The year is characterised by plans to rekindle talks failing in the face of British apathy: including strong personal opinion on the Irish Republic's treatment of Frank Stagg's funeral and aftermath (19 February); a personal aside 'for students [of the conflict]' about an impasse in negotiations where the British are blamed for the renewal of war (18 March); overall frustration over lack of British response culminating in a new plan and rejection (22-27 September); stating resignation despite having offered the British 'anything' they wanted (25 October). Noting in January 1977 that he has neglected the diary in the last months - 'in a way it is the mood of the last year in Ireland. - Neglect-'. Recurring names: O'Bradaigh, 'DM' [Donald Middleton], Bishop Daly, Sir Frank Cooper, Billy McKee, Fr.Bradley, Joe [ ], Sir Frank Cooper, Walker, David O'Connell/ Daithí Ó Conaill, Paddy Devlin. NOTE: Some pages of the diary are restricted - a reprographic copy will be available for consultation.FURTHER NOTE, May 2011: POL35/131 - 136 will be withheld for a short period and will be reviewed again for opening in 2012.
Date15 January - 25 October 1976 (1 January 1977)
Related MaterialPOL35/62, 535
Extentc.125 pp
CodePersonNameDatesParallel forms of name
DS/UK/13Duddy; Brendan (1936-); Mr.; Intermediary, Pacifist, Businessman, Key figure in Northern Ireland Peace Process1936-
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