Ref NoLE6/3
Alt Ref NoLE6/C
TitleMountbellew Estate
DescriptionVarious deeds, financial papers and letters trace the history of Richard Marcus Lynch's Mount Bellew estate through the 19th century. He had inherited this estate from his father Marcus Lynch, who had bought an interest in the lands of Gorteen in 1808. In 1894, Anna Varenne Foster, Richard M Lynch's only child, inherited the estate. By a deed of settlement, dated 1885, Richard M Lynch had provided, if his daughter died without issue, for John Wilson Lynch to inherit the estate, with remainder to John's third son, William Wilson Lynch. It was this deed of settlement, which generated the 20th century papers as John Wilson Lynch inherited the estate in 1904 and also shares of £1,000 in the Great Western Railway Company and £1,000 in the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company [see LE6/C/94-95]. John Wilson Lynch and George Lynch Staunton were appointed trustees to the deed of settlement. Martin Bodkin replaced John Wilson Lynch as trustee in 1904. Col John W Comyn was agent for the estate, which consisted of 511 acres in the townlands of Gorteen, Carrownagannive, and Cloonreleagh East and West in the barony of Killian, when it was sold in 1908 [see LE6/C/49]. [see also LE6/B/442].
Extentc. 260 items
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